Kids Readers The Fantastic Mr Fox Level 4 – Roald Dahl

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Pearson English Kids Readers bring the joy of reading to young learners of English. Children will love discovering the range stories and topics in this series – adventures, fairy tales, popular characters, the world around us. With more than 70 titles across 6 language levels, there is a book to suit every young reader. The marvellous stories of Roald Dahl, re-told for young learners of English Boggis, Bunce and Bean are very rich, very mean farmers, and they hate Mr Fox. Every evening, Mr Fox goes down to one of their farms and takes a chicken, a duck or a turkey for dinner. The angry farmers want to kill Mr Fox and they have an idea. "Let’s dig him out, him and his family!" But foxes are better diggers than men, and Mr Fox has a fantastic idea too! Re-told by: Andy Hopkins.


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